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The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

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A Hard Day's Night                              - Beatles

Gsus4 (that trademark ringing Rickenbacker 12-string chord!)

Chorus:     G    C9    G                   Dm7            G
It's been A Hard Day's Night and I've been working like a dog
            G    C9    G                 Dm7             G 
It's been A Hard Day's Night I should be sleeping like a log
           C                          D
But when I get home to you I find the things that you do will
        G    C9 G 
Make me feel al-right

You know I work all day to get you money to buy things
And It's worth it just to hear you say you're gonna give me ev'rything
So why I love to come home 'Cause when I get you alone you know I'll feel O.K.

Bridge:     Bm   Em                       Bm
     When I home ev'rything seems to be alright
              G    Em                     C      D
     When I'm home feeling you holding me tight, tight,yeah


Solo: (played on a Rickenbacker 360/12 string, of course!)

         C                        D
So why I love to come home 'Cause when I get you alone you know I'll be O.K.



           G    C9 G                 *      Tabbed       *
You know I feel al-right             *        by         *
           G    C9 G                 *      Chris        *
You know I feel al-right             *    Williscroft    *

Guitar outro: (repeat and fade)
E |3---1---3---3---1---3---|
B |-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1|
G |--2---2---2---2---2---2-|

Gsus4:  320013   G:  320033   C9:  x32033   Dm7:  x57765
C:      x35553   D:  x57775   Bm:  x24432   Em:   x79987

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