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Bon Jovi - In These Arms

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In these arms (J. Bon Jovi, R.Sambora & D. Bryan)

from the Bon Jovi album 'Keep the faith'

Intro:	E | A 	(4x)

Verse 1
			E		A
You want committment take a look into these eyes
			E		A
They burn with fire, just for you now until the end of time
			c#m				A
I would do anything; I'd beg, I'd steal, I'd die
		B		E		A(only this time)
To have you in these arms tonight

Verse 2
Baby I want you like the roses; want the rain
You know I need you; like a poet needs the pain
I would give anything; my blood my love my life.
If you were in these arms tonight

	E		B		c#m		A
I'd hold you, I'd need you, I'd get down on my knees for you
	E		c#m	B	A
And make everything alright if you were in these arms
	E		B		c#m		A
I'd love you, I'd please you, I'd tell you that I'd never leave you
	E		c#m	B	A			E	A
And love you till the end of time if you were in these arms tonight

Verse 3
			E		A
We stared at the sun and we made a promise
			E		A
A promise this world would never blind us
			c#m				A
These are my words our words were our songs
			c#m				A
Our songs are our prayers these prayers keep me strong it's what I believe
			B			E
 If you were in these arms tonight


Verse 4
		B					A
Your clothes are still scattered all over our room this old place still smells like your cheap perfume
		B					A
Everything here reminds me of you and there's nothing that I wouldn't do to be in your arms

Solo	E | B | c#m | A | E | B | f#m | B
		c#m				A
And these were our words They keep me strong


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