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Bon Jovi - Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town

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Song: Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town
Album: Destination Anywhere
by Jon Bon Jovi

transcribed by Brendan Gan 
Please send comments, I'd very much appreciate it.

Chords used:  C  x32010
              G  320033
              Am x02210
              F  133211
              E  022100

Some violin intro thing.. then

        C         G            Am
Sitting here just watching you sleep,

             F               C
Wish I could slip inside and be,

        F            C        G
In some technicolour dream,

C                 G                      Am
But the air's too thick for one of us to breathe,

        F              C
I'm not fool enough to think,

             F                 C      G
You couldn't live life without me,

F                  G                C
I didn't come this far to throw the towel in,

         F               G           C
I didn't fight this hard to walk away,

   Am              E       F
If I ain't smart enough to say I'm sorry,

     F                G                C
It's just because the words got in the way,

I remember how it used to be,
I was you and you were me,
We were more than just the same,
Now these shoes don't fit, My skin's too tight,
When you want a kiss, I take a bite,
Let your heart call up the cops, read me my rights,
Last night I drank enough to drown,
Raise a toast to your good looks and to my health,
Look, we both know how much I've let you down,
Jaine don't take your love to town,


                F         G       C
Jaine don't you take your love to town,

                F         G       C
Jaine don't you take your love to town,

               Am        E    F
If I've got to beg, I'll beg, just don't walk away

F               G         C
Jaine don't you take your love to town,

Peace, God Bless C'ya

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