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Blink-182 - Aliens Exist

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Aliens Exist

i'm 100% sure this is right. This is the funnest song to play....any comments
e-mail me.


 B   E   F#   G#



B with palm mute-then let it ring

verse 1:
hey mom theres something in the backroom
hope its not the creatures from above
u used to read me stories as if my dreams were boring
we all know conspiracies r dumb
(pick slide)


verse 2:
 B              F#               G#         E
what if people new that these r real
i'd leave my closet door open all night
i know the CIA would say what u hear is all hearsay
wish someone would tell me what was right

B             F#                   B           F#
up all night long and theres something very wrong and i
G#               E
know it must be late
been gone since yesterday
F#       E       B
i'm not like u guys
F#       E
i'm not like u


Vers 3: (same guitar part)

i'm still a skeptic yes u know me
been best friends and will be till we die
i got an injection of fear from the abduction
my best friend just thinks i'm telling lies




BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB (my guitars not with me so double check the 6666666)

G#         F#   E   F#
dark and scary ordinary
explanation  information
nice to know ya paranoia
whers my mother bio father


F#        E      B
i'm not like u guys
F#        E      B---let it ring
twelve majestic lives

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