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The Beatles - Drive My Car

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Title:				DRIVE MY CAR			(Beatles)

		Am7                   D
		Asked a girl what she wanted to be
		Am7                D
		And she said baby, can't you see
		Am7                    D
		I want to be famous, a star on the screen
		Em                          Em7+
		But you can do something in between

		F#m7                  Am7 Bm7 Cm7 Bm7 Am7
	CHORUS:	Baby you can drive my car
	   |	F#m7               Am7 Bm7 Cm7 Bm7 Am7
	   |	Yes I'm gonna be a star
	   |	F#m7                  Am7
	   |	Baby you can drive my car
	   |	    Bm7    Em7+
	   |	And baby I love you

		Am7                      D
		I told that girl that my prospects were good
		Am7                     D
		And she said baby, it's understood
		Am7                    D
		Working for peanuts is all very fine
		Em                   Em7+
		But I can show you a better time




		Am7                           D
		I told that girl that I could start right away
		Am7                               D
		And she said listen babe I've got something to say
		Am7                   D
		I got no car and it's breakin' my heart
		Em             Em7        Em7+
		But I've got a driver and that's a start


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