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Creed - Bound and Tied

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Artist: Creed 
Song: Bound and Tied 
Album: Dead Man on Campus Soundtrack 
Tabbed by: Nick Olsen( 

Note: Incorrect tabs are very annoying, so this will be perfect, except I am
leaving out timing and strumming because you can figure that out on your own
easier than reading it. 

Tuning: Drop-D 
Key: ^  = bend up 
     *  = harmonic 
     PM = Palm Mute 
     h  = Hammer on 
Opening Bass riff: 

D|---------------|  Plays 3 1/2 times before guitar joins in 

     * *    P.M._        
A|----------3-3-0|  Guitar joins in with this 

Verse              End A    End B    End C                          
   PM___       PM_________                        PM_  
D|--------------| |------| |-3^-0-| |-----| Play End A the 1st time, End B the 
A|-666555666555-| |------| |------| |-330-| 2nd, and End A the 3rd. Play a 4th 
D|-666---666555-| |-3^-0-| |------| |-330-| time and play End C. 
  Note: End C is only used when transfering to the chorus.  And the bass plays
alone for a while at the beginning of each verse. 

   __A__  __B__  __C__  __D__ 
G|----15-----17-----18-----20-| Play A 8 times, B 8 times, C 8 times and D 8
B|-14-----16-----17-----19----| times.

First Chorus 
                         End A   End B    
D|--------------------| |-3-0-| |-3-3-0-| Play with end A once then end B for
A|------5^------------| |-3-0-| |-3-3-0-| the rest.  Listen to the song for 
D|-6^-0---0-6^-0-5^-0-| |-3-0-| |-3-3-0-| the corrent amount of times to play. 


G|-7-12-10-|  Listen to the song for exact strumming. 

G|-15-17-18-20-|  Listen to the song for exact strumming. 

Second Chorus 

D|---7----------|  Play a few times and listen to the song for exact strumming. 

After this the first chorus is played until the song ends. 
This is the transition into the first chorus. 
D|-5-3-3-0-|  You strum in the 5th fret for a while so listen to the song to
A|-5-3-3-0-|  get it right.

That is the song.  Please send any questions/comments/requests for tabs to me

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