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Collective Soul - She Said

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

*NOTE- 2 versions

*VER 1
Collective Soul     "She Said"         2-23-98  

I've arranged this so one guy with a guitar can play it.
They may be tuned down a step, I could care less. 
Point is, it's a good song, and this is how to play it.

        C  032010
        F5 133211
        C5 335533
        G5 355433
--SUGGESTED picking for verse chords---

    C*                     G*            

--VERSE 1--------
                        C*     G*
She said that time is unfair to a woman her age
                        C*       G*
And now that wisdom has come everything else fades

F5                   C                      C*   G*   C*   G*
She said she realizes she's seen her better days

--VERSE 2--------
                        C*      G*
She said she can't look back to her days of youth
                        C*      G*
What she thought were lies, she later found was truth

F5                      C                        C*  G*   C*   G*
She said her daddy had dreams but he drank them away
F5                  C                            C*  G*   C*   G*
And her mother's to blame for the way she is today

G5                 C5
Life's river shall rise,           (she said)
And only the strong shall survive, (she said)
But I'm feeling quite weak,        (she said)
Will you comfort and forgive me,   (she said)

--VERSE 3--------
She said she's still searching for salvation's light
Yet she wishes all day and she prays all night

She said she won't speak of love cause love she's never known
She said it's moments like these she hates to be alone


VERSE (with no singing)

SOLO  RIFF during prechorus 
(as thick as I could make it sound with one guitar)


--12--12--12--12--10-----14--10--12--10--   C*   G*   C*   G*

Nice song, have fun with it, some guitar mag
will probably come out with the exact version of it. 

*VER 2

Song Title: She Said
Artist: Collective Soul
Album: Scream 2 Soundtrack
Tabbed By: Kevin Weatherwalks

        This is the first song that I've ever tabbed out to put on
        the net. E-mail me for corrections even though I hope you 
        won't have to.:)

e|----------    Play this little riff throughout the song.
e|---------2   The other guitar is just a B chord arpeggiated
Then after the first riff play an open low e string then 2nd fret 
and open again then back to main riff. If it sounds confusing I'll
show you right here. e|-0-----2----0-----2 back to main riff.

For the chorus just play a couple of F# power chords then a B power chord
                                    (133xxx)               (x244xx)

And here's the little interlude/solo thing

Play on the high e string
e|2222-0--4-0-2-0-play twice then back to main riff and then play 
this again.

That's about it so if you listen to the cd you'll know the rhythm.  
Hopefully I'll be tabbing more songs. Probably easy stuff which is pretty
much everything off the Scream 2 Soundtrack.

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