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Collective Soul - Energy

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Collective Soul

CD: 7even year Itch (greatest hits 94-2001)

tabbed by Deren (

NOTES: This song is awesome, Collective soul rules!! If you dont have this cd,
go out and by it, then thank me later. I tabbed this is halfstep tuning.

CHORDS: (remeber this is in half step, u can play it in standard, just move
everything down a fret)

F  244XXX
G# 577XXX
C# X577XX
A# 799XXX
D# X799XX

INTRO: start from the 12th fret of the low E and slide down to the F chord

VERSE 1: (use this chord progression for all verses)
F                G#                           D#  (stop)
mother and child, I'm such a man for a short while.
F          G#                                 D# (stop)
Promises be, the world just spins faster than me. (common, common, common)

c#               G#                   D#                  A#
And all of your friends, are now whispering, I think you left me for the 
C#              G#                     D#                     A#
All of your friends, I hope are listing, I wish you'd stop wasting all my
energy.   (play F again...)


Beauty or beast, which character am I to be?
I'm now powdering, all the makeup that makes me. (common, common, common)


BRIDGE: pick an F chord and A chord, then repeat. Then just play em.


then end on F

Its one of their easier songs (too bad there aint a super sweet Ross Childress
guitar solo) but oh well, thats basicly it. Questions, comments, concerns?
plz email me. take care all.

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