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Collective Soul - Dandy Life

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Dandy Life
Collective Soul
c1998 Coffee and Music

One of the guitars is just playing E through the whole verse,
but this is how I like to play it.

E                                  B
Took a walk to a caution scene
                             C#min        A
Guess I crossed the line some how
E                                   B
And if I lost some of your hope
                                        C#min    A
I'm sorry for the folly was all mine
E                                    B
And I don't understand the things we say
                          C#min A
But I try to anyway anyhow
For what's in the day of a dandy life
For what's in the day of this dandy life
Everything, Everything, Everything

G|-4\9---------------   Bend the 4 a 1/2 step and return then
tremolo the 9

E    A   B
            Hangin' on every word
            My social butterfly
            Everyone wants to be loved
            Loved in their own way

This one of the best pop songs I've ever heard
If i messed something up or if you have any questions email me

Sorry, I too lazy to tab the lead

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