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Dinosaur Jr - Over Your Shoulder

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Song: Over Your Shoulder
Artist: Dinosaur Jr.

Bbm      Ab        F#
  Hey... Over your shoulder

  till he says something "... it's alright..."
Then do this once (move the bass finger): F#  F#/F  and go to Ebm

Then come another chords:

Ebm             Ab      Bbm
  I know you're over...
     ...that you get to hold her.

the last Bbm is a bit different... then go back to Ab, then go to the chorus.

There are a lot of solos and keyboard patterns on this part...
it's not quite good with only one guitar.

F#        Ab
You go... but you cant...
        ...cant bleed for long.

then go back to the beggining over and over till the ending.

here are the tab of the intro and the little solos/riffs in it:

       Bbm             Ab                     F#
e | ---6---------------4---------------------2------4--2------
B | ---6-6---6---------4-4--6-7-6-4-6-6\-----2-----------2----
G | ---6---6-6---------5-5-------------------3-3--3-----------
D | ---8----8----------6-6-------------------5-5--2--------5--
A | ---8----8----------6-6-------------------5-5--5--------5--
E | ---6----6----------4-4-------------------2-2-----------2--

       Ebm             Ab             Bbm
e | ---6---------------4--------------6-------------------------
B | ---7--*9*----------4--------------6-------------------------
G | ---8---------------5--------------6--6-8-10-8-6h8-6---------
D | ---8---------------6--------------8-----------------8-6h8-6-
A | ---6---------------6--------------8-------------------------
E | ---x---------------4--------------6-------------------------

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