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Ashlee Simpson - Pieces of Me

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Ashlee simpson 
“Pieces of me”

This is a song I just had to tab since there arnt many for this song and those
just arnt good enough :-P jk hahahaha ok well here it is

    D/F#  A  Em7  C  Asus4  Bm  G  Bm9  Bm92  Bm93  Bm94	
E|   0    0   0   0    0    2   0   x    x     x     x
B|   3    2   3   1    3    3   3   2    3     2     3
G|   2    2   0   0    2    4   0   2    2     0     0
D|   0    2   2   2    2    4   0   0    0     2     2
A|   0    0   2   3    0    2   2   2    2     2     2
E|   2    x   0   x    x    x   3   x    x     x     x
					G		A

Bm9		Bm92
On a Monday, I am Waiting

Bm93		Bm94
Tuesday, I am Fading

G	 		A
And by Wednesday, I cant sleep

Bm9		Bm92
Then the phone rings, I hear you

Bm93			Bm94
And the darkness, is a clear view

G			A
Cause you’ve come to, rescue me

Bm		  G
Fall, with you I fall so fast

Bm		C			A
I can hardly catch my breath, I hope it lasts

D	G  	  Em7		Asus4
Oh, it seems like I can finally rest my head on something real

D	G  	  Em7		Asus4
I like the way that feels

D	G  	  Em7		Asus4
Oh, its as if you know me better then I ever knew myself

D	G  	  Em7		Asus4
I love how you can tell

Oh the pieces, the pieces, pieces of me
Oh the pieces, the pieces, pieces of me

Bm9		Bm92
I am moody, messy

Bm93		Bm94
I get restless, and it’s senseless

G			A
How you never seem to care

Bm9		Bm92
When im angry, you listen

Bm93			Bm94
When your happy, it’s a mission

G			A
And you wont stop, till im there


Bm92				G			Bm92
How do you know everything im about to say

Am I that obvious

And if its written on my face

I hope it never goes away
Bm9		Bm92
On a Monday, I am waiting
Bm93		Bm94
And by Tuesday, im fading…into your arms
So I can breathe

Oh the pieces, the pieces, pieces of me
Oh the pieces, the pieces, pieces of me



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