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Guns N Roses - Don't Cry

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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Subject: Guns N Roses, "Don't Cry"

This is the main guitar line.  It, or minor variations of it, repeats 
throughout the song.
    Am            Dm            G            
E |-------0-------------1---------------3-----------------------|
B |---------1---------3---3---------------3---------------------|
G |-----2-----2-----2-------2---------0-----0-------0-----0-----|
D |---2---------0-0-----------------0-------------0-----0-------|
A |-0-------------------------0---2-----------0-3-----2-----3-2-|
E |-----------------------------3-------------------------------|

The chorus is basically: 

F  G  Am

And, according to Guitar for the Practicing Musician, the loud
distorted chords in the middle of the song are:

C5  G/B  A5  G5  F5  G5  A5

Howard C. Huang  | Mather House 120     | Internet :
Class of 1992    | 10 Cowperthwaite St. | Bitnet   : hhuang@husc.bitnet
Computer Science | Cambridge, MA 02138  | UUCP     : ...!harvard!husc!hhuang

From: (Gavin Gregan)

Through the co-operation of gavin & Mark

Here's the music:

            DON'T  CRY  - GNR


N.C.    Am       Dm            G              G/B (C)
				    Main Riff
Only in intro

End of intro (after riff is played twice (through Dm only)


""""""'Scratch that above'""""""""""""""

End of intro (after riff is played twice (through Dm only)




riff played four times


F   F          G   G         Am
    Don't you  cry       tonight

I still love you baby

F   F          G   G      Am
    Don't you  cry     tonight

F   F          G   G      C
    Don't you cry      tonight

             C       C      
There's a heaven   above you baby

F    F           G   G        Am
  And Don't you cry       tonight

riff at end of verse 1


Loud part in middle of song:

C   G   A   G   F   G   A   AAAAA 

solo (not posted)

verse 3

( verse 2 follows riff at end of verse one)

song ends on :


Thanks, Mark.

First version by Gavin Gregan 
Corrections (appreciated ) by Mark Bober

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