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Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

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'Learn To Fly' tab by The Foo Fighters
this is the best I could get just by hearing the
live version on Jools Holland.

There are two guitars, and I think that maybe guitar 1
which plays the following chords is clean all the time,
and i think the second guitar just keeps playing between
B and C# octaves.

Chords used:
   B  F#  E  G  A  D  B(octave)  C#(octave)
1: 2  2   0  3  0  5  x          x
2: 3  2   0  3  2  7  x          x
3: 3  3   1  4  2  7  4          6
4: 3  4   2  5  2  7  x          x
5: 2  4   2  5  0  5  2          4
6: x  2   0  3  x  x  x          x

If you are just playing guitar 1's part, then i think
it sounds better if you use power chords with distortion
during the chorus. (B5 F#5 E5 etc.)

all the verses are just
B  F#  E E (clean)

B F# E E (distorted/clean - whatever you like)

at the end of each chorus the climb back into the verse is:
G A (then back to verse)

there is another verse where he uses some kind of
voice effect, I think the chords
go like this:

B  G  A  E  G  A     --> you do this twice and then back to chorus
or you can do this
B  G  D  E  G  A     --> do twice then back to chorus
OR you could do this :
B  G  D  A  G  A     --> do twice then back to chorus
and i think thats it. (all 3 would fit in i think)

If you have any comments or you know a better way then please
email me:
Mark Gundersen

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