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The Doors - Waiting For The Sun

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Waiting for the sun

D7 / G / Gm / D

D  D7             G       Gm                Riff1
At first flash of Eden we raced down to the sea,
D7       G        Gm        Riff1
standing there on freedom's shore.


  Eb      F       G    Eb      F       G    Eb      F       D
  Waiting for the sun, waiting for the sun, waiting for the sun.

D7        G        Gm                  Riff1
Can't you feel it, now that spring has come,
D         D7      G           Gm        Riff1
that it's time to live in the scattered sun.

Gm       Bb       F        Gm       Gm                F       Gm
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for you to come along,
Gm                F          Gm
waiting for you to hear my song.
Gm                F        Gm
Waiting for you to come along,
Gm                 F                    Gm
waiting for you to tell me what went wrong.
Gm          F         Eb        Dm   Gm
This is the strangest life I've ever known.

Eb      F       Gm
Waiting for the sun.

Listen to the song for timing:


( Try playing this chords by just playing B,G and D string )

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