To start, go to:

You'll probably want to open it in a separate window so you can see that page and still see this document. For that matter, you'll probably want three windows open, so you can also be viewing the site as a normal user, to make sure your approved tabs look correct.

On that page you'll see a list of the artist's whose songs you are allowed to edit. The number in parenthesis next to each artist is the number of unvalidated tabs in their section. This makes it easy to see which artists need the most attention. Click on one of the artist's names to get started.

After that, you'll see a list of all of their songs - both validated and unvalidated. The validated songs have a white background, and the unvalidated songs have a gray background. Most of the time you'll be dealing with the unvalidated songs.

Simply by glancing through the list you can often delete some of the unvalidated songs. If you see one that we already have on the site, and they don't list a reason WHY they're resubmitting it, delete it. Be careful with the delete button, as once a song is gone, it's gone forever.

So, you found a song you think you want to approve. Cool. Click "modify" next to the song and here's where you approve it. On the next screen that comes up there are a number of blanks.
- Title - Make sure it's capitalized properly and spelled properly. If the song starts with "The", like "The Heart of Worship", put the "The" at the end, like "Heart of Worship, The". The song title (and really nothing on this page) should NOT be in quotes.
- Sortby - This is looking for a single capital letter. It will be the first letter of the title of the song. For example, "Heart of Worship, The" would be "H".
- Artist name submitted - This is what the submitter typed in as the artist for the song, and is for your reference only.
- Type - This will be one of the follow things: "Chords" if it's only chords, "Tab" if it's only tab, "Chords/Tab" if it's got some of both. It also could be "Intro Tab", "Solo Tab" or "Bridge Tab" if any of those apply. As always, use the capitalization that I just demonstrated there.
- Unvalidated - This field starts with a "1" in it, meaning the song is not validated (and thus does not show up on the site). If things look good, change this to a "0" and it'll show up on the site after you submit this page.
- Song - The main box. A few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the artist name and song title are near the top of this box. When a song is printed out, they probably want that info on the print out. Next, make sure that there is no horizontal scrolling. If there is, fix it. Typically it's just a long run-on line of text that you can insert hard returns into. Sometimes it's big chunks of tab that extend beyond the side of the screen - in that case, you can try to fix it or you can simply delete the song and move on to the next one. They know when they submit the song that there should be no horizontal scrolling, so don't feel bad about simply deleting the song. Sometimes you'll get songs where the apostrophes have been turned into strange symbols (for example, "won't" becomes "won^*(*&t" or whatever). Take you time, go through, and fix them all. Same goes for any other spelling errors that you notice. Don't waste a lot of time checking for spelling, but fix anything you notice. Also, the very bottom of this field delete any blank lines down there. I don't know how they get in there, but they're of no value. The last line in the box (and the first one, for that matter) should not be blank, as that's just a waste of space on the printouts
- Is Link - If they submitted a plain link to a PDF or text file on the artist's site, choose the appropriate number here. If they linked to a song that's NOT on the artist's own site, delete it. For most submissions, just leave this as a "0".

That's it! If things look good, make sure the "Unvalidated" box is a "0" now and hit [submit]. The song should appear on the site. Browse over to it using the normal site and make sure it's in the right spot and looks good. Then move on to the next song...

The bottom line is to take your time. Get the spelling and capitalization correct, especially on the title and type fields. Go slow. We're in no hurry.

If you have any questions, please let me know.